The Story-of-Everything Place

Stories of our place in the universe.  Journeys from one story to another.    


You come from different places and by way of different paths.  You may want to read The Story of Everything.  You may have read it and want to "complete the parable experience" by discussing it.  Wherever you came from, however you got here, welcome to The Story-of-Everything Place.

 The Story winced. That was it--the very thing he would never get used to. Not the words, but the order of the words. It was what the man put first: Matter, not Spirit. (Ch. 24)

What you all bring is a narrative about our human origins and destiny, and that of the universe itself.  A "Story of Everything," in other words, a Cosmology with a capital "C."  This is the stuff of religion, science, and philosophy.  It involves quarks and bugs and spirits and stars--and creation and design and evolution and emergence.  But it all comes down to a single story.  Just one.  That's what we talk about here.

So tell us about your Story of Everything or about the journey that led you from one Story to another.  Read The Story of EverythingDiscuss it.  Get
blogsTell others about this place.  There's a lot to do here, as you will soon discover.  Enjoy the exploration.

                                                                     John Kotre

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